Do it yourself archiving kit makes digitizing old memories a snap!

Why Us?

The quality of Gather Box's scanning and archiving services are far superior to any other archiving services you could find. Our Lab Technicians take pride in every order that comes to us to ensure the customer is pleased with their order. Our Gather Box has a faster turnaround time than most other box archiving. Our motto is "The art of the perfect print" this means, when you receive your Gather Box back from us, you will be truly thrilled with the outcome.

How to Prepare your Gather Box

1. Only loose photos will be scanned; therefore, please remove all photographs from album pages.

2. Make certain there is no hanging tape or sticky substance on the photographs. Please remove all staples, paper clips, sticky notes, etc.

3. Clearly write on a sticky note the title that you would like to call the videotape or film reels and stick it onto the container. (To ensure that the note will stay on the container tape can be used.

4. Photographs with writing on the back that you wish to have scanned must be in a separate bundle. Please put a note attached to this bundle that you wish to have both sides of the photo scanned.

5. By law we are unable to scan copyrighted images, UNLESS you have a written release from the copyright holder, which is generally the photographer. Please include this release form with the photos being scanned.